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Emergency Care


Vision problems can happen when you least expect them. It is important to know where to turn when you need emergency eye care. When you are in Raytown, Raymore, Blue Springs, or any of the other surrounding areas, you can trust the eye doctors at Advanced Eyecare. We are here to identify issues and get you the healthcare solution that is needed.

Common Emergencies We Treat

We have seen an array of eyecare emergencies – and we are prepped for some of the most common ones:

  • Contact lenses get stuck: Many of our patients have come in because their contact lenses are stuck to their eyes. We constantly provide reminders about contact lens recycling for this very reason. Lenses should be changed according to the schedule based on the type of contacts they have.
  • Floaters are present: Periodically, patients will come in because of seeing “floaters” in their eyes. This can be a warning sign of an ocular illness. After an exam, we provide the necessary diagnosis and treatment.
  • Foreign bodies need to be removed: Splinters, metal, and other shrapnel can get stuck into the eye. Whenever there is a foreign body, it is best to have an eye doctor safely remove it and ensure that there are no scratches on the eye itself.
  • Stinging and burning: Patients will sometimes touch their eyes after touching food or have something splash into their eyes. The stinging and burning can be a sign of a cornea burn – and getting the necessary care is critical to saving vision.

Our Eye Doctors are On Call

At Advanced Eyecare, we are available to address any issue pertaining to your vision at any time. While most of our work is conducted during our business hours, we do know that issues can happen day or night.

You can call to speak to a licensed optometrist or physician at any time, 24/7. We will provide the advice that you need. Should emergency medical care be needed, we will help you find it. Your eye care is always our top priority .

Book Your Appointment with Our Team Today

Whether you are in Raymore, Raytown, Blue Springs, or any of the surrounding areas, you can book an appointment with us at Advanced Eyecare. We know that emergency eye care is critical to your health and overall vision.

While protective eyewear and contact lens recycling can help to prevent most eye care emergencies, we know that things happen. If you have a concern about your eyes, whether it is a floater, a splinter, or anything else, call us to make an appointment. Our eye doctors will see to it that you get the priority care that you need, no matter what day or time it is.