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Advanced EyeCare – South

905 W Foxwood Dr, Raymore, MO 64083
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Contact the optometrists at Advanced Eyecare in Raymore, Missouri for state-of-the-art eye care for the entire family. Whether you are in need of pediatric eye care for your children, Lasik surgery co-management, or simply need a routine eye exam, the eye doctors at Advanced Eyecare can provide you with first-rate care within the confines of our office located at 905 W. Foxwood Drive, Raymore, Missouri.

Contact lenses and sunglasses

If you need new eye glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, we carry many options. Our optometrists provide comprehensive eye exams to determine the best prescription. We also offer assistance in choosing frames that are best suited to your face shape, that are in colors to compliment your skin and hair tones, and that also take your personality and lifestyle into consideration.

We can also help you choose the sunglasses lenses to align best with your particular lifestyle. If your vision problem requires any type of corrective eyewear, you have many great options with our fine sunglasses collection. We offer prescription sunglasses for virtually any prescription, including progressive and bifocals.

Our fine line of contact lenses will give you plenty of choices as well, including Scleral contact lenses for patients suffering from dry eye. Our optometrists can determine your refractive error and will help you select the contacts that work best for your particular situation.

Dry eye treatment

Dry eye is an uncomfortable condition that appears when one’s tears do not provide enough lubrication, or when poor-quality tears are produced. At Blue Springs Optical, we use Lipisan to diagnose and manage dry eyes. We also utilize the iLux system, which is a painless ocular procedure that can help relieve dry eye of dry eye symptoms.

Cataract surgery co-management

If you have had, or are anticipating cataract surgery, co-management between ophthalmologists and optometrists can improve outcomes exponentially. Our top-notch team of eye care specialists makes sure our patients receive the best cataract surgery care, both before and after the surgery occurs.

Lasik surgery co-management

The eye doctors at Advanced Eyecare in Raytown have years of experience in both the pre and post-operative evaluation and care of Lasik surgical procedures. This popular refractive surgery can help improve your vision without glasses with our Lasik surgery co-management program.