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Glasses are an important part of eye care. Whether you wear them all the time or just for reading or driving, the durability and function of different types of lenses is essential when choosing the right pair. For a variety of choices, make an appointment to see our eye doctor in Blue Springs, Raymore, or Raytown for an eye exam and new lenses today. 

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Glass Lenses

Until the 1940s, all eyeglasses were made with glass. While these do an excellent job providing quality optics and have fewer impurities than plastic, consumers need to consider all factors with these lenses. Glass is heavy, they break easily, and can cause serious eye injuries if they break. 

Plastic Glasses Lenses

Plastic ones have been popular since their debut in the 1940s with a specific polymer, CR-39. These are lighter, cost less, and are more durable than traditional glass eyewear. CR-39 is limited in how thin manufacturers can make the lenses. Patients with a prescription higher than +/3.00 may want to consider a higher index lens, such as the polycarbonate. 

Polycarbonate Glasses Lenses

The next step up from CR-39 is polycarbonate, which is more expensive but is thinner and lighter than glass and traditional plastic lenses. These are also more impact-resistant than CR-39 lenses. This characteristic is why polycarbonate is the most recommended lens for children, sports, and safety glasses. 

High-Index Plastic Lenses 

Patients with strong prescriptions may prefer high-index plastic lenses that are the thinnest and lightest lenses available. These also block 100% of UV light. Manufacturers make two types of high-index plastic lenses that vary by refractive index, 1.70 to 1.74, and 1.60 to 1.67. 

Trivex Glasses Lenses 

Trivex is a high-index plastic lens brand that came on the market in 2001 and offered the most impact-resistance of all current lenses available, and they block 100% of UV light. These are similar to polycarbonate, and research shows they might correct vision better for some patients. Trivex also mounts better to wire-rim style glasses. 

Aspheric Lenses

Most aspheric eyeglasses are high-impact plastic with flatter curves that makes them appear thinner. A significant benefit of this material is it increases the selection of eyewear for patients with thicker prescriptions. 

Photochromic Glasses Lenses

These are excellent for patients that wear eyeglasses and do not want a separate polarized pair to reduce sunlight outdoors and while driving. Photochromic plastic is clear indoors and automatically darkens in the sunshine. 

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