Regular vision exams are important because many eye and vision conditions have no obvious signs. These regular examinations help to diagnose problems early and hopefully with prompt treatment can prevent any major symptoms from occurring, such as vision loss. Our comprehensive eye examination includes: tonometry (measuring the pressure inside the eye); visual field screening (to check for blind spots in side vision); automated refraction and corneal curvature testing (to provide a basis from which to determine the glasses prescription; visual acuity measurement (to determine your current ability to see); refraction (to prescribe eyeglasses); slit-lamp examination (to evaluate external eye health); and ophthalmoscopy (to evaluate internal eye health). Most people should be seen each yearly for a comprehensive examination. Are you overdue for your appointment? Call and schedule an appointment. We are happy to serve you and your eye care needs!


fitting contact lens

There are many different types of contact lenses to help correct various vision issues. There are contacts for nearly every prescription! Our doctors participate in contact lens studies to stay up-to-date on the most recent advancements in fitting techniques and lens styles. New to contact lenses? If you interested in contacts, your optometrist can fit you with contact lenses best suited for you and your visual needs. Once the doctor has determined that the lenses provide clear vision and are a safe lens to wear, you will undergo a contact lens training session with an AdvancedEyecare/Blue Springs Optical optician. The training consists of learning insertion and removal as well as proper cleaning techniques and troubleshooting advice. Current contact lens wearer? The doctors of AdvancedEyecare/Blue Springs Optical will evaluate your current lenses and determine if they are the best match for your visual needs and for the health of your eyes. Most patients will have a trial period with their lenses before purchasing them. This allows you the opportunity to make sure your vision is crisp and your eyes are comfortable. Be sure to mention when you schedule your appointment that you are either interested in contacts or are a current wearer of lenses.


patient examination

Certain medical conditions and medications put people at greater risk for developing serious eye complications. See below for an example.

Diabetic Eye Exams: People with diabetes are at risk for developing problems with their vision. In particular, diabetes can affect the small blood vessels inside the eye, causing them to become leaky. This can occur in both Type I and Type II diabetics and can lead to permanent vision loss. The best way to help lessen the risk of any vision damage is by having regular physical and eye examinations, maintaining both good blood sugar and blood pressure control, as well as keeping to a healthy diet and exercise plan.
It is recommended by the National Eye Institute that diabetic patients have their eyes dilated at least once a year. This is an important step in finding and treating diabetic eye disease early. Advanced Eyecare-Blue Springs Optical offices have two advanced technologies, fundus photography and optimal coherence tomography (OCT), which aid the doctor in diagnosing early diabetic changes.



Getting your child prepared to start school includes a comprehensive eye exam. This examination is more than a basic screening. Several tests are performed to make sure your child’s eyes are optimal for learning including checking visual acuity (how well the eyes see), binocular vision testing (how well the eyes work together), color vision testing, refraction to determine whether glasses are needed, and a thorough eye health evaluation. Make sure your child is prepared for learning – call and schedule his/her Kindergarten eye examination.


InfantSEE, sponsored by the American Optometric Association, is a free comprehensive eye examination for babies between ages six and twelve months. The doctors at Advanced Eyecare/Blue Springs Optical are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to evaluate a child of such a young age. Most babies have unremarkable examinations, but one in every 10 children is at risk for undiagnosed eye and vision problems. Some notable conditions include very high nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness, congenital cataracts, amblyopia (where one eye does not function as well as the other), and strabismus (an eye that turns in or out). If you have an infant between the age of 6 and 12 months, please call and schedule an InfantSEE appointment with one of our doctors. Please spread the word about this free public service.

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Sometimes your eyes just do not feel or look good. They can be itchy, watery, dry or red. You do not need to wait for your annual eye examination to deal with these issues. The doctors of AdvancedEyecare/Blue Springs Optical can diagnose and treat eye conditions such as allergic eye disease, dry eyes, pink eye, styes, etc., allowing your eyes to get back to normal. We are also equipped for superficial foreign body removal such as bugs, contacts, metal, sand etc.


Refractive Surgery

Have you ever considered refractive surgery? Make sure to let your eye doctor know if you have. We can determine if you would be a good candidate for refractive surgery such as LASIK. If you are a good candidate, we will help coordinate with a LASIK surgeon (ophthalmologist) to get your surgery date scheduled and make sure your eyes are healing properly at your post-operative visits.

Cataract Surgery

During your examination, doctors at AdvancedEyecare/Blue Springs Optical check for cataract, which is a cloudiness of the lens inside the eye. If you have cataracts that are significantly affecting your vision, your eye doctor will explain the risks and benefits of cataract surgery and coordinate with an ophthalmologist for consultation/surgery. Following the procedure, the AdvancedEyecare/Blue Springs Optical team can perform post-operative care visits at 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.

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